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Thursday, May 24th 2012

1:58 PM

Little lolta fuck


Related article: Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2007 00:21:33 +0100 From: The little russian cp Princess Subject: Christopher and Ryan - Part 5The usual disclaimers apply.I'm so sorry it's taken so long to get this part out, break-ups suck...This part is dedicated to my sexy and loveable Zac -------------------------------------------------------------------*Chris*Phew, we're finally out of there. It's not that I don't love Lyn and Michael to bits but the scene earlier was a bit heavy, plus, lets face it. I'd rather be alone with Ryan. The longer I speak to him and little child incest watch him the more amazing he seems. Earlier at dinner, I could hardly trust myself to speak but he was keeping up the flow of conversation with Lyn and Michael perfectly happily. I must have sounded like a total idiot!*Ryan*It's so nice to get to spend some time just with Chris again, I've been thinking of nothing but him since we met earlier. He was great when we were eating though, I was just babbling to try and disguise how I was feeling, but he just sat there, very calm and collected, occasionally commenting with a ghost of a smile hanging around his lips. When he did speak it was always intelligently with a somewhat dry humour behind his words.*Chris*Ryan's taken me down to somewhere called The Village, I've read about it in stuff about New York, it's meant to be the major hang out for all us queers out there. I was planning on coming down here some night while I'm here and maybe trying to hook up with someone, I can't believe Ryan's actually brought me here. We're sort of wandering along, looking in the shop windows and just the scene around us. We've made pit stops at a couple of bars, I guess there are some advantages to looking older; as yet neither of us have been IDed! I've just been sticking to beer - god knows I don't want to get drunk in front of him! He's drinking quite a bit more, not enough to get seriously drunk, littles foto sex but as if he's trying to steel himself for something.*Ryan*Why did I bring him here? Idiot.I just want to see what his reaction is to this place but he's not giving me anything...damn it. Maybe I'm gonna have to go little teens naturist more extreme...*Chris*We've stopped in a club. Seems to be a tad more hardcore than the other places. It's good though, lots of nice eye candy! There are women here too, but it's very strictly guy/guy and girl/girl action. Ryan is totally on edge, he keeps pointing out all these couples to me and asking what I think, luckily we're standing around a table...those guys are hot!He seems really worried that I'm going to have some form of adverse reaction to it, god knows why.'So you enjoying yourself Chris? I know this might not be your scene, but I thought it would give you a good taste of New York life'He's looking sort of challenging, he's in a weird mood. What the hell is he getting at?'You ok Ry? You're acting kinda strange'*Ryan*God, why do you make guys this hot this damn dense???*Chris*Now HE'S looking confused. This is weird. Now his eyes are sort of focusing behind me.Oh wow... drop-dead guy just walked out from the bathroom behind me... my God he's gorgeous.Ohhh... wait a minute.'Ryan...'*Ryan*Jeez, what now?*Chris*'Is that what you've been trying to tell me? That you're gay?' 'I was just trying to be tactful...I just wanted to check you're ok with it.' 'Ryan, look at me, do I look like I mind? Anyway I'm gay too.' Oops, maybe that wasn't such a smart thing to say...*Ryan*He's gotta be little pron kidding... maybe he's just saying it to make me feel better or something. 'You can't be gay. You've gotta be kidding.' 'Why would I lie about that?' 'Are you sure you're not just saying it to make me feel better?' 'No, I really am gay, in fact I came out for the first time today.' 'Serious? Who to? how'd they take it?' He's leaning over towards me and gently places his hand on my arm. A shiver goes down my spine, electricity is flying through my body, reacting to his touch. 'Ryan, calm down, you look like you're about to explode. I told Lyn and Michael, and they were more than ok about it.'*Chris*He's so on edge right now, I can't believe how tensed up he little debbie got. I put my hand on his arm without thinking much of it but the moment I did, gangbang little free it felt like sparks were flying. 'Sorry, I just wasn't expecting you to say that, though, tgp petite little I'm kinda glad you are, I've never had a close gay friend before.' 'Me neither Ryan, but I think I do now.' He turns towards me and smiles, his whole face lighting up. 'Yeah, you do now.' If only you knew, I want you as so much more than a friend.*Ryan*If I died now, I'd die happy. Now I can relax slightly more, though I'm still having to conceal my attraction to him. 'C'mon Ry, you can chill now, I'll get us some drinks.' I nod mutely, watching him as he rises in one fluid motion and walks towards the bar. The crowds part for him, there's this energy and presence that just sorta emanates from him. He get's more than a few looks as he walks by. If dumb little bitches he should get with someone, I don't know what I'd do. I shouldn't even feel that way, I don't fucking own him or anything.*Chris*Fucking hell. He's gorgeous, all these guys keep stopping at the table and trying to chat to him. Thank God he doesn't seem interested, I want him so much. I walk back over with the drinks, bourbon and coke, I thought we art little girls needed the stronger stuff. I put them down and we sit there in silence drinking, I keep glancing over at him, and every so often we catch each other's eyes and smile. We've moved to one of the booths around the side, and we gradually get closer together. Eventually I decide to try a trick which has worked for straight guys for generations and stretch out, my arm ending up resting against the back of the booth behind him. I know, I art little girls know, incredibly cheesy, but it seemed to work.*Ryan*I'm gradually moving closer towards him until I'm cuddled up in the crook of his arm. I feel so comfortable there. Then I think I hear him say my name and look up at him. He's looking down at me, eyes deep and shining he's bringing his head down to meet my upstretched face. 'Oh my God, Ryan, what are you doing here? Surely it's not the normal hangout for a straight stud like you?' I cannot fucking believe this. Who the hell has just lost me possibly the only chance I will have to kiss Chris? I force myself to open my eyes, I'd half closed them in the anticipation of what was to come. Jeez, what is she doing here? 'Hi Rain, how you doing? For that matter, what are you doing here?' Honestly, Rain, who calls their kid that, how ex hippy can you get? Chris touches my arm and looks at me slightly quizzically. 'Rain, I'm sorry, I was forgetting my manners, this is Chris, he's my...' I pause, how do I describe him? Explaining why we're here could get just a little too involved. Chris steps in smoothly, 'His newest friend, hopefully that is!' 'Hey, Chris, nice to meet ya, this is Jess, my girlfriend.' Everyone smiles politely at each other and murmurs greetings.*Chris*Well that was not the best timing ever. Still, they seem nice. 'So would small little girls you two like to join us for a drink?' I think it's only polite to ask. They look at each other, nod, and agree. You can really see how connected they are. 'First drinks are on me, what would you like?' 'Vodka and tonic for both of us please. Thanks Chris.' I turn to Ryan, he's looking slightly zoned out. I hope he's ok, 'What would you like to drink Ryan?' 'Same thai little pussy again please.' 'Sure thing.'*Ryan*I'm glad he asked them to sit down, I haven't seen Rain for a while, we weren't really very close at school but I definitely liked her. I did want some time alone with Chris, but it was getting a little intense. My eyes follow him, idly watching as he makes his way across the floor. He walks up to the bar, and stands there quietly, he's surrounded by jostling men and women, all trying to get one of the bartender's attention, he's not even attempting to get served but he's the first person they come up to.*Rain*Wow, I never expected to see Ryan Heron in little boys underwear a gay club. He's a cute one alright, most of the girls in our school would have laid down for him in a heartbeat. The guy he's with is incredible looking as well, together they make a stunning couple. You can see they've just started to get into each other, and that there is love growing. Ryan can't take his eyes off Chris, and the care in boy little nude Chris' voice when he talks to Ryan is obvious. Well, I'm presuming he's gay, don't really see why he'd be here otherwise. Guess I'd better get confirmation.Ryan's a sweetheart, we were friendly at school, never friends, just friendly. I really liked him and would have loved to be closer friends but he's so closed up, he always kept himself to himself but everyone liked him. He always looked like he was hiding a world of hurt inside him. I never knew he was gay, a couple of people said they thought he was but he dated some girls, hot 'uns an' all. Not that I can talk, I dated guys through most of school and I know Jess did too. He's got a wicked sense of humour little kiddie pussies too, really sarky. It just didn't come out very often. He didn't talk enough for it to be obvious.*Chris*Ryan is soooo lucky to know people like this, they are absolutely awesome! We've been talking non-stop since they sat down! The teasing just hasn't stopped, Jess and Rain have obviously got something good going on together. 'So Ryan, tell me, how comes I haven't seen ya round this place before?' 'I don't come here very often, Rain. In fact, this is the first time for about a year.' 'Well let me tell ya something darlin', a gay club is the last place I ever expected to bump into you. I'm figurin' you're gay given the steamy looks you're giving this boy here' God, are we that obvious? I mean, I'm fairly certain I've completely and utterly fallen for him. I can't believe Rain thinks that Ryan's giving me looks. I hope he is, I so want him to like me. I really want to kiss him. I'm mesmerised by his lips, they look so soft and so appealing. 'You got in one Rain. I guess most people we went to school with don't know then, huh?' I decide to pipe up, 'I am too Rain, today's the first time I came out to anyone so I may as well continue the trend!' 'Cool, so who'd you come out to?' 'My aunt, uncle, and this big lug of course.' 'Hey, who you calling a big lug?' He reaches across and gently punches me on the shoulder, I grab his arm and pull him in closer, right next to me. He looks up and smiles at me, and nestles into me. Just looking into his eyes makes me melt. I can't believe how hard I've fallen for him. I barely know him, but it feels as if we're connected. There's so much we still need to talk about, not least those scars. Those on his arms aren't the only ones either, you can tell there's some emotional ones as well.*Ryan*Ok, it turned out really great seeing Rain and Jess, but I need to get outta here, all I really want right now is to be alone with Chris, we haven't really had much time alone since our big revelations. 'Rain darling, it's been great seeing you but I think Chris is suffering a bit from jet lag, and probably needs to little russian penis get some sleep. Let's exchange numbers and meet up soon, ok?' Jess cuts in firmly as Rain begins to try and answer me, I figured Rain as the most dominant one, but now I'm beginning to wonder. 'Good idea, Ryan, here's my digits, and Rain's are written underneath.' I squeeze Chris' knee under the table and he little boys underwear begins to stand up. We all get out from the booth and exchange hugs and kisses with the girls. We walk them out and are finally left my ourselves in the cooling air outside. 'You didn't mind me getting us outta there, did you Chris?' 'I'm really grateful, I loved them, but I wanted to spend some time with you.' He looks at me and gives this cute tired smile that makes me start to bone up right away. 'I tell you what Ry, lets head back to Lyn and Michael's, they said I could invite you to spend the night and we can relax quietly there. I hope that's ok, the jet lag little kiddie pussies is beginning to hit me a bit.' I look at him and smile. 'That works for me.'We get a cab back to the flat, it's a great place, they've basically bought the entire top two floors and created one huge penthouse. Besides the huge public areas, there are three spare bedrooms with en-suites and basically two private wings, with huge bedrooms, small living areas and en-suite bathrooms. They occupy one of them and they've turned the other over to Chris. He can be in there and they wouldn't even know he was home. We let ourselves in and cute little puppy make our way to his wing. You enter into the living area and Chris goes and collapses on the couch, moaning in pleasure as he does so. Incidentally, that doesn't improve the tightness of my jeans very much. 'That feels so good.'*Chris*I didn't realise how sore my muscles were until I sat down, I guess I was more tired than I thought. Ryan looks incredible, I wish I could find a way to kiss him, but I don't how he'd react or anything. He walks over and stands behind the sofa, I feel his hands come down and start to give me an incredible shoulder massage. 'Ry, you don't have to.... oh, that feels incredible. Where did you learn to do that?' 'It's no big deal, my small little girls swimming coach taught me a while back.' 'Well it's doing wonders for my back. Thank you.' 'Seriously, it's no problem, your muscles were little tits sex just a little tight.' 'Well, you know, stressful day! Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better now, so why don't we sort out some drinks and something to eat and crash in front of the TV for a while?' We get up and go through to the mini kitchen bit attached to the living room and start looking through cupboards and the fridge. 'Jeez, they went really crazy making sure everything you could need was stocked in here.' 'I guess, I haven't looked in here yet. I've only been into the bedroom and bathroom really, and that only quickly. Talking of which, I'm just gonna head to the bathroom. Ok?' 'Sure thing Chris.' I go through the living area to the bathroom and relieve my bladder, once that's been taken care of I head out to the bedroom and decide to change into a t-shirt, as opposed to the slightly smarter shirt I'm wearing at the moment. I take my little girl cum watch off as well, I don't normally wear one and it was beginning to chafe. I open the bedside drawer to put it in and to my surprise, there's a box of condoms and a tube of KY sitting there. There's a note next to them, "Just in case, Love ya, Michael." I can't believe he'd do something little agents like that, I realise I'm blushing slightly, it's a good thing Ryan isn't in boy little nude here. I little incest ru put a t-shirt on and notice that all my stuff has been unpacked boy little nude and put away neatly, thank God for Lyn and Michael's maid service! I decide to take a t- shirt out for Ry, it'll be a bit big for him, but he might prefer it.He's got everything laid out in the living area and is sitting down on the sofa. I toss over the t-shirt, 'Thought you may like to get into something a bit more comfortable. It might be a bit big for you though, hope you don't mind.' 'Thanks, this'll be great.' We smile at each other and rip into the ready made sandwiches we found in the kitchen. I glance at the clock and realise it's only about 11pm, we left here at about 8, dinner had ended up being earlier than planned, Michael thought it was probably best if we went out earlier so Ryan ended up coming at about 7. I thought we'd been out for longer than 3 hours, I guess it's because we packed so much in. When we've assuaged our main hunger we lie back on the sofa and relax, I pick up the remote and start channel surfing, I find a rerun of Yes Prime Minister, which is one of my all time favourite comedies, 'D'you mind if we watch this Ry? It's really funny.' 'Not at all, I love it, it's very British, it works well.' 'Cool' It was one of my favourite episodes, the one with the death little incest ru of Jim's predecessor and a fuss about a puppy, I think it's called 'A Diplomatic Incident'. It was a new one to Ryan and I found myself constantly glancing at him to see how he reacted to particular lines and phrases. I loved the way he looked when he laughed and occasionally seemed to forget about anything that hurt him and just loose himself in pleasure. There's a great line in this episode about the American's speaking English, Bernard Woolley is on the phone to someone talking about the need for translators and says, "the English speaking nations can be said to include the United States. With a certain generosity of spirit" After that line I turned to Ryan, 'See, I told you that you guys didn't know how to speak properly.' He laughs and lobs a cushion at me 'You insulting our language again?' I throw one back, and before long we've got into a play fight.*Ryan*'Ok, Ok, that's it, truce!' 'You sure about that?' 'Yes, I can't take it anymore Chris! I surrender, you win!' He's lying on top of me, pinioning my arms gently above my head. The fight wasn't sexual, just two friends having fun, but now it seems more intimate, his eyes have darkened and somehow become even more intense. I can feel myself start to little russians fuck get turned on by the close proximity of this gorgeous guy. 'So what's my prize?' His voice has deepened to this incredibly sexy, husky whisper. My mind starts to go totally crazy, his voice throwing me into this intense fantasy world. I tell myself to snap out of it, he didn't mean it like that, but then kd little fuck he dips his head down and says, 'This is my prize' And suddenly his lips are on mine, gentle and persistent, I feel electricity go sparking through me as I lose myself in the kiss, our mouths slowly open and the minute his tongue slips through my lips and seeks mine out, I'm his. Totally and utterly. The sensations go coursing through my body and all that becomes important to me is the little april masterbating way that he feels on me and the way his lips caress mine.*Chris*This feels so right, all that matters is hearing his little moans of pleasure and feeling his soft lips against mine. Finally I end the kiss and pull away slightly, we're both breathing hard, and I feel my erection hard against his. 'I'm sorry Ry, I didn't mean to go so far, I just couldn't go any longer without kissing you.' 'Babe, I loved every second of it, I've been trying to think of a way to kiss you all evening. I almost screamed when Jess and Rain turned up.' 'Are you sure?' He reaches his face up to mine and kisses me again, softly, gently brushing his lips against mine. 'Yes, I am. I've wanted to kiss you since I saw you get of that small little girls plane this morning. You're incredible Chris.' I carefully lever myself off him and kneel on the floor next to the sofa. 'It's you Ryan, you're sexy, funny, intelligent and I know you're hurting inside, I'll do anything to protect you, I very little nudist promise.' He looks at me trustingly and I feel my heart react as he does. 'Thanks, you don't know how much that means to me.' 'Babe, I hate to ruin this as a moment, but I really need to get some sleep. You're welcome to join me, it's a big bed, and I promise nothing will happen that both of us don't want.' He looks scared for a moment, but then seems to calm slightly. I want to get down to the bottom of what's making him feel this way. thai little pussy 'I'd like that Chris, I really want to spend the night curled up in your arms. You know I'm not ready for anything else yet, right?' 'I know hon., I just want to hold you, this is the first time I've felt this way about anyone, and besides the fact that you're hurting big time at the moment, it's been a big day for me in a lot of little kids porn ways, right now I just want to go to sleep with little rock zoo you in my arms.' *Ryan*I can't believe that I trust him so much, I only met him this morning, but I trust him completely. He can see I'm hurting, and just wants to protect me, I can't believe how much that means to me.*Chris*We've done all the getting ready for bed stuff and figured out that we're both gonna sleep in our underwear, we both wear briefs so we'll match. I slip into the bed and Ryan nervously joins me. We meet in the middle and I spoon him, with my arms round him. His skin is so soft and smooth, I look at him as he begins to relax into my embrace and swear that I'll protect him no matter what. I relax down on the pillow and soon feel myself drift off.-------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks to all who've sent me emails, keep them coming. I love feedback and try to reply to all emails fairly promptly. If you want to be added to a notify list for this story just drop me a line and I'll put you on one. If you want to read a plot summary for the YPM episode just check out this URL - http://www.yes-minister.com/ypmseas2a.htm#YPM%202.3 - the quote mentioned can also be heard on that page.
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